Crackdown on village crime has continued

CRIME in the Hunmanby area dropped during the summer period, according to new police figures.

The statistics revealed 96 incidents were reported from April 1 until August 24, compared to 125 cases in the same period last year.

Burglary fell from 21 cases to 12 this year, with incidents of criminal damage dropping sharply from 30 to 10.

Violent crime was down from 23 cases to 16, though theft rose slightly, standing at 51 incidents from 43 a year ago.

The figures also take into account the Primrose Valley and Reighton holiday camps.

Police have revealed there was an increase in thefts of high value cable from isolated rural locations during the summer, with roadside inspection covers and cables in secure compounds targeted.

Officers last week carried out an multi-agency operation to crackdown on metal thefts, with the Environment Agency carrying out 10 roadside interviews.

One person was dealt with for having no insurance and another for having a vehicle in a dangerous condition.

Hanging basket thefts in Hunmanby were also prevalent during the period, with garden plants stolen from public containers in Flixton.

In the same period, police issued two warnings to men in Hunmanby for possessing cannabis.