Mother who defrauded company is sent to jail

A Hunmanby mother who swindled bosses out of more than £30,000 has been jailed.

A judge has locked up 
finance worker Lorraine 
Helyer for 21 months for forging cheques and paying them into her own bank, after her firm Dodds and Brown 
entrusted her with its finan-ces.

She used the ill-gotten cash to fund holidays and clothes, as well as paying her council tax.

However, the court heard how most of the cash was stored up for a rainy day.

The 46-year-old was jailed on Tuesday January 7 at Teesside Crown Court for the breach of the Middlesbrough firm’s trust.

Her solicitor Andrew Teate said her life on the outside is in tatters.

He said in court that following her conviction, her partner plans to leave her, and that her family disowned 
her after the fraud came to light.

He urged the judge to suspend the jail sentence, due to the difficulties it would cause her twin daughters.

However Judge Crowson said there were some serious aggravating features, such as the impact it had had on the independent firm, which has had to lay off one member of staff following the frauds.

Inspectors have also examined the firm’s books twice since.

Helyer, of Stonegate, admitted eight charges of fraud at earlier court hearings.

Judge Crowson claimed that the total loss to the small business was almost £50,000, while Helyer admitted personal responsibility for £34,613.