Bay development is like a ‘trailer park’

Scarborough Council has slammed the multi-million pound The Bay Filey project

Scarborough Council has slammed the multi-million pound The Bay Filey project

The long-running battle between the council and a developer over the multi-million pound The Bay Filey project has been reignited after it was branded an “American trailer park” by a planning councillor.

Borough planning committee chairman Jane Mortimer made the comment as her committee refused permission for 21 more holiday homes on the former Butlins site last week.

Cllr Mortimer, and other councillors, voted to refuse the application by Essential Vivendi as they felt the layout of the scheme was not imaginative enough.

“It has become a caravan park in all but name,” said Cllr Mortimer, who then later added, “I don’t like to say this but it is like an American trailer park, we need some variation there.”

Cllr Mortimer added that the rest of the development had been completed “to a very high standard” but that she would like to see more cul-de-sacs in the estate, rather than just rows of homes.

“It is going backwards with the layout from how it started, which [the planning committee] were very happy with,” she said.

Cllr David Billing said he feared that “if we allow this one, they can keep coming back to us with applications like this and we will have given them a precedent.”

This latest refusal could spark another legal battle.

Last year the council was ordered to pay costs after denying permission to another Essential Vivendi application, which was then granted on appeal.

The council’s planning officers had recommended that permission be granted for the 21 homes but when pressed, committee officer Nick Read told the councillors last Thursday that, if they chose to reject, an appeal could be defended in his view.

Wayne Low, director of Essential Vivendi did not respond when approached for a comment by the Filey Mercury about the planning committee’s decision

The Bay Filey is a £120m 
development of holiday cottages and apartments on a 150-arce costal site.

More than 300 properties have already been built and sold, with a further 600 scheduled for construction.




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