School victory for high-flying Bird

SCARBOROUGH SQUAD ... from left, Matthew Bell, Jack Bird, David Sessions, Joe Usher and James Brown

SCARBOROUGH SQUAD ... from left, Matthew Bell, Jack Bird, David Sessions, Joe Usher and James Brown

FIVE members of the junior section of Scarborough Indoor Bowling Club gave good accounts of themselves when they took part in the latest round of the regional School of Excellence, held at York IBC on Sunday, and Jack Bird finished as winner of the senior section.

Players from Yorkshire, Durham, Lancashire and Cumbria took part and they played in two groups: juniors, eight to 15 years and seniors 15 to 18 years.

Singles were played in a round-robin format, each match being seven ends using three bowls. Scoring was 10 points for a win and five points for a draw.

James Brown won 13-2 against a player from Sunderland, then 11-2 against a Ferryhill player and 11-4 against a Darlington player.

Matthew Bell lost his first game 10-2 to a player from Ferryhill, drew 4-4 against a player from South Shields, and won 6-5 against a player from Ferryhill 6-5.

Joe Usher won his three matches 8-5 , 8-5 and 6-3 against players from Harrogate, Durham and Darlington. David Sessions lost 5-4 against a player from Sunderland, won his second match 9-2 against a player from Hartlepool, and drew his last match 5-5 against a Harrogate player.

Jack Bird won all three: 11-2, 12-2 and 11-2 against players from Darlington, South Shields and Durham.

In the afternoon all the players completed different exercises to score points to add to the singles scores already achieved.

In the junior semi-finals third-placed James Brown played second placed Lydia Cutmore, from Hornsea, who was playing really well and won the match, before going on to win the junior section 6-5 after an extra end against a player from Ferryhill.

Jack Bird finished second after the singles and exercises and played York’s U18 England player Laura Clarke in the senior semi-finals and won 7-4. He won the senior section with a 6-4 success against a South Shields player in the final.

All four of the finalists will go forward to the finals at Melton Mowbray on October 28.




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