Ten-pin bowlers hit top form

MORE than 150 ten-pin bowlers from around the country headed to Scarborough for the Age-UK over-50s Friendship national championships.

The three-day event was staged at the Olympia Leisure Centre, with two days of competition followed by a presentation day.

There were 40 Scarborough area bowlers in action at the event, with two of the Scarborough teams finishing in the top five on the first day.

A team from Hinckley gained victory in the first day’s competition, with quartets from Watford and Long Benton (Newcastle) claiming second and third place respectively.

In fourth place was Scarborough Reds, with Jack Chapman, David Lorain, George Meredith and Richard Taylor in their line-up. In fifth spot were the Scarborough Turquoises, with Brenda and Dennis Winwood, Peter Cross and Melvyn Riley in that team.

On the second day the players were mixed up into different teams for the three sessions, and local aces hit top form once again, with the Formula One team, made up of four Scarborough bowlers winning the first session.

The overall highest score for the men was David Spence (Hinckley) with 740, while the female champ was also from Hinckley, Sandra Boswell, who scored 640.

Organiser Bernard Dungworth said: “It was great to have bowlers from as far afield as Watford, Guildford, Derby and Middlesbrough taking part in the competition.

“I would like to Olympia for yet again doing a great job of hosting this annual event.”


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