Dining Out: Anton’s Cafe Bar, Sandside, Scarborough

Antons Bar and Cafe.
Antons Bar and Cafe.

Anton’s Cafe Bar, Sandside, Scarborough

At the heart of Scarborough’s fish and chip filled South Bay lies a historic building offering a modern take on dining.

After gazing at Anton’s for months now during my walks to South Bay I eventually decided a treat after work was on the cards.

The exterior of the building is intriguing with the renovated chapel looking fantastic while the inside is as impressive with the modern layout.

I was told to make sure we got an upstairs table so we can take in Scarborough harbour, and it didn’t disappoint. The weather could have been more on our side but it was a lovely view nonetheless to spend an evening.

There is a huge range of choice on the menu for each course, but there was only one thing on my mind - steak. You can’t go to a grill house without someone getting a steak, can you?

For starters we decided to share a tomato garlic bread which is priced at £5.75. The stone baked garlic bread had a thin base which melted in your mouth and made every mouthful a moment to savour. There was also plenty of tomato on top although our only improvement would be to have more garlic.

All the staff provided a friendly welcome and were certainly attentive during our stay to make it even more pleasurable.

The dining room is open and fresh with the decor really complementing the classic features of the chapel.

For a main course I decided on the fillet steak (£24), a winning choice. It was probably the thickest fillet steak I have eaten but it was cooked to perfection (medium) with my knife just gliding through it.

The meat melted in my mouth and was superbly met with a tasty and rich blue cheese sauce.

Across the table my girlfriend was handed a big sirloin steak (£20.50) which was chargrilled, offering a delightful crunch to the juicy and tender steak.

The chips were classic and chunky and the onion rings perfect and crispy while a salad was well received.

We made the rookie mistake of having our eyes way too big for our bellies by simply have zero room left for a dessert. It is a real shame because I had already had my eye on the raspberry and white chocolate cheesecake.

However this does give me the perfect excuse to return to Anton’s to try the other delights that were really appealing to me on the menu. The bill came to just shy of £60 including one drink apiece which, considering we had two steaks, is reasonable - though it is a more expensive option to maybe some of the nearby eateries.

There isn’t a place like Anton’s in Scarborough and with the combination of a great location, fantastic building and quality food, you can certainly have a top dining experience. I look forward to my return.