Dining Out: Emma’s Diner, Flowergate, Whitby

Emma's Diner, Flowergate, Whitby.
Emma's Diner, Flowergate, Whitby.

On our way to the diner we passed Count Dracula, a man in a Darth Vader style costume covered in flashing lights and hundreds of other people dressed in brilliantly bizarre outfits.

It was Whitby Goth Weekend and it was heaving.

Escaping the dark Gothic themes on the narrow streets, we headed for a splash of colour, a taste of America in a 1960s themed diner.

They say that variety is the spice of life, well it’s something Whitby’s dining scene has lacked, in large part, for a long time.

The plethora of fish and chip shops might be what makes the town famous, but for locals added choice is always a welcome thing - and this place has caught my eye for a while.

I must have walked past it hundreds of times on the way to work, but had never ventured inside, despite its impressive appearance.

As the name suggests, its interior is in a diner style, doused in colour and accompanied by booths, burgers and milkshakes to give the place an authentic feel.

Upbeat music, and waitresses dressed in polka dot dresses, it even has part of a car built into the wall, the vibe really invites you in.

It seemed fitting to give the milkshakes a go, so me and my girlfriend, Katie, each chose our favourites, strawberry and chocolate.

I enjoyed mine, despite my better half attempting to push my face into the cream. She also managed to get her chocolate milkshake in her hair, don’t ask me how!

Although they were tasty, just shy of £8 seemed pretty steep for two milkshakes (£3.95 each).

The food came really well presented. My vegi chilli (£8.95) had some scrummy looking cheesy nachos, plus a side salad, all served on a wooden board.

But whereas the dish looked as good as the restaurant itself, it didn’t taste as appetising as it appeared.

There was nothing wrong with it, per se, it just seemed to lack any wow factor. The flavours just came a cross as a bit bland, while there seemed to be too much rice to chilli ratio. A dollop of soured cream might have mixed up the texture a bit.

Kate was more impressed with her cheese burger (£8.95), which was a healthy sized portion. It doesn’t take much to fill her up (she’s always complaining bout the mammoth portions of pasta I cook for her) but she battled through the dish, almost to completion - a testament to how tasty it was. The small touches are quirky, such as the tomato shaped ketchup bottles, and the bill being presented in a mini shopping trolley, which fits in with the overall experience.

The diner may be 1960s themed, but so is the payment method! It’s cash only, so be prepared for that if you have a visit.

The place is worth a try if you fancy something a bit different while in Whitby.