Dining Out: The Angel Hotel, New Quay Road, Whitby

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The Angel Hotel building has a long history in Whitby.

Situated right on the harbourside, the position couldn’t be any better.

The outside seating area is found adjacent to the main path and invites you in, with the flow of beer on sunny days a sight to behold as you make your way past.

Records indicate that the building itself once served as a posting and commercial house, with a Royal Mail coach departing the inn every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday.

A plaque on the wall tells how a meeting was held in the pub in 1832 to first consider a railway line to run from Whitby to Pickering, which is now the North Yorkshire Moors Railway.

The present day has seen the building converted into one of the popular Wetherspoon pubs. A multi-million-pound renovation converted the design and layout to match many other Spoons you find around the country, but much of the decor attempts to mirror a Whitby feel.

Paintings and pictures hung on the walls feature views of the town, coupled with other important local institutions, including the Whitby lifeboats.

Heading along on a bank holiday Monday, I half expected a big turnout, and I wasn’t wrong.

The pub was packed with revellers enjoying a day off work with some ales and burgers to boot.

Finding a table was the first challenge, with the best views of the harbour already taken we sat down in a room to the rear of the building.

The menu offers a vast selection of choices to suit most desires, with many of the dishes incorporating a drink into the price to offer added value.

A clever new app also offers customers the opportunity to order their meals and drinks from their phones, but preferring contact from a human being I went to the bar to order ours. I thankfully arrived just before a huge queue began to snake its way around the place.

My pick was a cheese and tomato panini with a coke (£5.49), my mum went for a smashed avocado bagel with a lemonade (£5.49) and my dad chose the Aberdeen Angus rump steak with a pint of blond ale (£13.39).

After carrying the drinks back to the table, we were slightly disappointed to realise that the beer was a bit flat. My dad then set about joining the back of the long queue to get another. At any other time your food arriving quickly would be welcome, but the quick food service meant he was waiting at the bar for another beer while his steak sat there for a few minutes, which wasn’t ideal.

The steak itself was a hearty portion cooked to perfection, with a portion size to sort out most appetites. The side of chips, peas, tomato and mushroom gave the dish an inviting appearance.

My mum similarly enjoyed her bagel, which came well presented.

The panini I ordered was a solid portion but felt like it was lacking in filling giving it a slightly dry texture.

Cutting through it was a challenge and more cheese would have certainly given the dish a lift.

Overall, for a bite to eat and reasonably priced beer the Wetherspoons in Whitby ticks a lot of boxes. The layout is nicely designed, but I wasn’t dazzled by the food.

Rating: 6 out of 10.