Dining Out: The Fylingdales Inn, Fylingthorpe

The Fylingdales Inn.
The Fylingdales Inn.

The Fylingdales Inn, Fylingthorpe

First it was freezing. Wet, cold and thoroughly unpleasant. That’s Easter weather for you and not a great start to April.

Move forward two weeks and suddenly the east coast is warmer than Ibiza, suddenly sizzling in 20C heat and there’s no point going abroad because it’s all good right here.

Well the one thing you do want when it’s warm is a beer garden – and that’s the first thing to mention about the one at the Fylingdales Inn. It is a fair size.

You can sit at one of the wooden tables near to the pub’s back entrance and enjoy a pint in the sun, but there is a long stretch of grass where the kids can have a kickaround, or climb up into a wooden den.

At first I was quite pleased to see the presence of a light plastic football in the garden, as was my two-year-old daughter, an England striker in the making, who loves a kickaround as much as the next footy fan.

This was great for killing time waiting for the food to arrive; not so great when she continued to pester us while we were trying to eat.

We were hoping she’d sit still long enough to get stuck into her child’s portion of pizza, chips and peas (£4.95). While our elder offspring tackled his pizza effortlessly, getting a small person in the throes of her terrible twos to sit still for long was a challenge. She was far more interested in playing the second half of the cup final outside, with daddy in goal of course – and that’s when she wasn’t trying to poke a wasp with a plastic carrot.

While this commotion was going on (apologies to the other drinkers and diners), I had the grilled goat’s cheese with balsamic glaze and Bramley apple chutmey to start. The cheese was lovely and soft and the accompanying ciabatta warm and crunchy.

Having arrived pretty hungry, I chose the Radford’s beef and caramelised onion burger, topped with a barbecue sauce (there are other options) for mains, which was thick as a doorstop and very filling. This arrived with chunky chips, coleslaw and salad. My better half Emma enjoyed her butterflied chicken from the specials board, topped with a mushroom sauce, with fresh veg and new potatoes. Once there was another brief intermission for extra time and penalties in the cup final, it was on to the desserts. Sorbet connoisseur Jordan had two scoops – mango and kiwi, which he was pleasantly surprised with (wild berry had been his first choice but this wasn’t available).

I had a very nice amaretto sundae while Emma was satisfied with her sticky toffee pudding. The food at the Fylingdales Inn is perfectly reasonable, although the menu does seem to have been scaled back since our last visit, last summer, and the garden is superb, especially as the one thing lacking in Whitby is a good-sized family-friendly beer garden, offering a safe place for the kids to play in an enclosed area.