In The Saddle column: Heartbreak and happiness as we say hello, wave goodbye to ponies

Anita Marsh and her daughter Alyssia have waved goodbye to pony Jazz and welcomed a new horse, Mara.
Anita Marsh and her daughter Alyssia have waved goodbye to pony Jazz and welcomed a new horse, Mara.

This weekend has probably been filled with the most heartbreaking moments and also the dizzy heights of happiness all in one day.

How is that possible you ask?

Alyssia on board Jazz.

Alyssia on board Jazz.

Try selling your first pony and bringing home your new pony!

We always knew Alyssia would out grow our gorgeous little 12.2hh pony 'Jazz' and I know many of you have been following their progress together over the last few years.

Jazz knows her job inside out and really had been there, done it and worn the t-shirt.

She's just the first safe pony parents dream of. She's an angel with hooves.

I know some mums prefer tricky ponies believing their children will become a better rider because they are not riding 'push button' ponies but when you have a little girl who had her confidence taken away by a bolting riding school pony, I can assure you that's not what you want.

There's a time and place for a tricky pony and this isn't one of them.

I will always be eternally grateful for Jazz for giving my daughter such confidence and putting the fun back into riding.

We've had many wonderful times together over the last few years and we've enjoyed riding our horses out in stubble fields in a very fast pace together, plus lots of wins at pony club and local shows.

Jazz has taken a frightened little girl who had to have mummy hold her on a lead rein to bombing round show jumping courses at Epworth Show.

Together they have bonded and become an awesome little duo.

Now Jazz has moved onto pastures new where she will continue to teach little girls to fall in love with ponies and to become brilliant riders through the confidence she instills in them.

We are lucky to keep in touch with Jazz , she's not far away and it makes it easier to let her go knowing this and, of course, Alyssia has a new pony.

I can't wait to tell you all about Mara next time.