Nostalgia: Scarborough Police Specials

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In response to last week’s 1947 official photograph of the Scarborough Borough Police Officers, Ali Wilkins, of Scarborough, contacted the Scarborough News with a picture of her grandfather who was in the police specials at a similar time.

Ali said: “When I saw the picture of the Scarborough Police after the Second World War, I remembered a picture of my grandfather Samuel Laycock who was born in 1896 and died in 1963.

“He was in the Hood Battalion during the First World War and was in the trenches in France where he got trench foot (gangrene) and lost some of his toes.

“He is pictured back row, second from the right and would have been about 49 when the picture of him in the specials was taken.

“I think it was around the same time as the one already published and the photographer is the same, Walkers Studios of Scarborough. “

Ali doesn’t have any more information and has asked if anyone can put a date to the above photograph and identify any of the other officers?

Write to Crimes page, Scarborough News, Newchase Court, Hopper Hill Road, Scarborough Business Park, Scarborough, YO11 3YS or email if you can help or with any similar pictures you would like to be published.