Opinion: ‘Ins and Outs’ of fashion

The sale of electrically powered cars has taken off in a big way.
The sale of electrically powered cars has taken off in a big way.

Fashion – a word that covers dress, styles and fads of our era. I was watching a newsreel from the Sixties with my wife and we both remarked how dated the clothes in the programme were. When we look back only ten years or so we smile at the dress worn, the hair styles and the size of mobile phones etc, it makes me wonder what people will be saying twenty years from now when they look at our life today.

I’m pretty sure they will grin and make comment about girls, (and some much older), for instance walking about in jeans with slashed knees, surely one of those fashions that will soon die. And what about my pet hate, tattoos? Some lady in the 
future wryly gazing at a wrinkled image on what was once a piece of taut young flesh and wishing they had never had it done.

The current trend for crossover cars for instance, cars which look like four by fours but are anything but, some of them looking like minis on steroids but all the rage.

And I suspect this year of 2017 will go down in history as the year electrically powered cars started taking off in a big way, more and more manufacturers producing battery powered cars and with some very spectacular looking creations.

Thankfully, one fashion which has died gradually is the sight of men wearing baseball caps back to front; nothing new there of course, aviation pioneers the Wright brothers did it way back in 1904.

Mobile phones which became smaller and smaller until screens were introduced, then we saw and are still seeing larger and larger ones to offer the best viewing of pictures and videos.

I say videos as a generic term; videos as such are now old hat and even DVDs are on their way out.

Technology is advancing at such a rate we can hardly keep up.

I’m at an age where I might just be tempting fate to even think I might still be around in twenty years’ time, but I really would love to be a fly on the wall as people in 2038 view images from our era.