Review: The Bernie Clifton Show, Scarborough Spa

Bernie Clifton
Bernie Clifton

Sneer and snigger all you like – Bernie Clifton is having the last laugh – and a huge one it is too – at Scarborough Spa for the summer season.

He delivers what it says on the poster – a fun-packed evening of laughter, song and dance.

Best of all – it is variety entertainment for all the family.

You can sit back and relax, knowing you are not going to be railed at or embarrassed by political-correct, anti-establishment, smug, foul-mouthed ‘edgy’ comedians who talk about nothing else except their sex lives, children (yawn) and mid-life crisis.

Grandparents, parents and children sat side by side and lapped up the silly, simple slapstick and gags.

The loveliest moments of all were the children laughing at the gags older than the man delivering them.

He may not be a staple of Saturday night TV anymore but Bernie Clifton is still a comedy legend – he earns that accolade just for being a one-time host of Crackerjack! He is a charming, down-to-earth, old-fashioned entertainer.

He prances about in his ostrich costume, squirts water at the audience, blows smoke up his trouser legs, wraps the auditorium in sticky tape – then gets two children to collect it up for him – flirts with the women in the front row and makes fun of their men folk – and we loved it.

He sends himself up and sings his heart out. He was on the Voice last year.

Sophisticated it ain’t – entertaining it is.

The supporting cast includes Safire – an illusionist act – and UV puppets (they are as old as the hills but no less engaging for that).

There are music medleys – including a great Elvis section – from the cast of Movies Meets the Musicals: Take 2, also part of the Spa summer season.

Bernie embraces his audience – he gets off the stage among ‘em – urging them to clap, sing-along and shout out. Be prepared to take part.

So if it’s Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 8pm – then it’s the Bernie Clifton Show at Scarborough Spa until August 30.

Tickets: 01723 821888.