The Boat Shed in Filey is perfect for everything from tapas to soul food

Michelle Burgess at the bar of the Boat Shed in Filey.
Michelle Burgess at the bar of the Boat Shed in Filey.

Filey is fast becoming one of the must-try towns for foodies – offering everything from tapas to soul food.

One of the new kids on the block – Murray Street to be exact – is the Boat Shed owned and run by Michelle Burgess, family and friends.

It is a complement to her nearby Coffee Shed, which is open each day until 4.30pm.

The Boat Shed opens at 4pm each day except Monday and serves specialist gins, cocktails and pizzas – that’s it.

It is simple, sophisticated, smart and smashing. What it does – it does excellently and with service with a smile.

Take time to peruse the drinks menu – there are more than 25 gins to choose from. They include classic, London dry-style gins, juniper rich and robust tipples, ginger-tinged drinks, fresh and floral and citrus and herbaceous drinks.

Let’s not forget the cocktails – mojitos, pina colada, strawberry daquiri, cuba libre (sorry, I can’t write this without a cheers to Del Boy who enjoyed this cocktail), espresso martini and prosecco bellini.

Those lists barely touch what is on offer – best to go and choose and sip for yourself. The descriptions are fullsome and informative. Prices start from £4.95 – and come with Fever Tree mixes and in glasses you could swim in.

The food menu consists of starters and nibbles – mixed olives, £4.95, wild mushrooms, £4.95, and baked camembert, £6.95.

A selection of nuts, spciy bar mix and chilli rice crackers for nibbling are offered at £1 per portion.

The four of us selected nachos with cheese and tomato, £5.50, and worked our way through them with a glass of Merlot for Ian, a Feckin gin– a house speciality – apiece for Jan and Margaret, and a mojito for me.

From the choice of six pizzas we ordered three to share between us. They are the size of flying sauces.

A pepperoni perfection, £6.45, a veggie volcano – very spicy with the jalpenos – £6. 95, and a billy goat, goats cheese, carmalised red onions, and the Boat Shed’s tomato sauce, £7.50, were duly served.

We saved the margherita and Filey Bay – grated mozzarella, prawns, mussels and calamari – for another time.

Our pizzas were big, piping hot, crispy-based, gooey with cheese, tasty and tangy. There was plenty to go round and we all had a taste of each of them.

Garlic breads – including plain garlic, spicy or cheesy – are also offered.

The atmosphere is relaxed and chilled. There are booths or tables to chose for seating – and there are outside tables and chairs.

The view is not the best – but the ambience and service are. The bill – including several round of drinks – came to £70. It is cash only.

The Boat Shed is perfect for a quick livener after work or a relaxing all-evening sundowner.