All-day caffeine boost on the way

All-day caffeine boost
All-day caffeine boost

Coffee lovers could soon see the lows associated with a caffeine ‘high’ ironed out, thanks to research by Swiss scientists.

Nestlé has teamed up with university researchers in Lausanne to develop a version of the drink that ‘slow-releases’ the caffeine that gives an immediate boost, but can result in a slump when the effects wear off.

The almost manic response that can result in overdoing coffee would also be ironed out by the new technique, which could be used to release nutrients from other products in a more controlled way.

Behind the discovery are cubosomes - tiny capsules formed from lipid molecules and water that can contain the caffeine, or potentially some other nutrient.

The cubosomes break down gradually meaning that their contents are released in a similarly controlled fashion.

A Nestle spokesperson said: ‘We are considering what the next steps are now in terms of further research and future product potential.’