Anti-social car cruise antics need discouraging

Why do these people suffer no sanction?
Why do these people suffer no sanction?

As a regular patron of The Watermark Cafe Music Nights I strongly object to the raucous, disorderly and sometimes obscene behaviour of the car cruising fraternity who appear to think they have a God-given licence to flout the law and the norms of acceptable behaviour at their organised events.

If I were to park on the pavement and use foul language I would have little cause for complaint if I were prosecuted for each offence.

These people suffer no such sanction, indeed they seem to be actively encouraged on the spurious grounds that they bring trade into the town.

Many local people would feel that this is the kind of trade and behaviour we can do without.

Scarborough is at its best when it promotes itself as a family resort.

If loutish behaviour is not actively discouraged the council run the risk of alienating its core market and for that reason I am in favour of action to restrict these events in the future.

G Wright

Glen Close