Arrogance and greed cost Allardyce his job

Steve Kittrick's view
Steve Kittrick's view

I was a bit surprised by the whole storm surrounding sacked England boss Sam Allardyce this week. Greed is a horrible thing and it is an old saying, but money really is the root of all evil.

I just think it is down to the greed and the arrogance of Allardyce and I really didn’t think I’d ever be saying that about the man.

He is in a job that everyone in football wants, he is earning £3m a year so does he need that extra cash if it puts his position in jeopardy.

People can ask why that newspaper are trying to get him the sack, but they are just doing their jobs and if he falls into the trap then its his own fault.

In the end his greed has lost him the extra £400,000, as well as the £3m a year and his integrity.

I would also suspect that not a lot of clubs would touch him as well because his integrity has been damaged by arrogance and stupidity.

Football was all put into perspective on Monday when Dean Lisles, Joe Lamplough, Chris Machen and myself attended Danny Wilkinson’s funeral.

I went as a club representative because I never had the pleasure of working with Danny.

From what many people have said about him, he was a great lad and that showed by the amount of people from across the game that attended his funeral.

If we look at this week’s games, it demonstrated to me that we are still learning and coming together, you have to remember that we still have a relatively new team.

Across the team they will get better and better, at this time it is just a matter of staying in touch with the top few teams and then pushing on towards the end of the season.

We were obviously disappointed not to get anything from the midweek game against Brighouse, but we just have to go to Droylsden on Saturday now with one thing on our mind.

That is staying positive, getting those three points and pushing on again with what we are trying to do.