Big appeal for help to shift winter snow

HUNMANBY parish council has launched an appeal for volunteers to help clear snow during the winter period.

The rallying call comes after last year’s heavy snow showers left the village’s footpaths in a treacherous condition.

The situation left many elderly residents stranded who feared risking injury on the slippery surfaces which were eventually cleared by a small army of volunteers.

A spokesperson for the parish council said: “Last winter was particularly bad for all, but with help from able-bodied individuals, we could avoid a repeat of the situation.

“Of course, we cannot clear every footpath within the village, but with more help we could make more areas more accessible to more people.”

The council has announced it will be organising training for anyone interesting in helping out and will supply equipment and public liability insurance for volunteers.

Anyone interested in helping should contact (01723) 891479 or email