Big dig site is real star!

A SENSATIONAL Flixton archaeological site which sent shockwaves around the world has been given protected status.

Star Carr, which is home to Britain’s oldest building dating back to at least 9,000 BC has been made a monument by Government Heritage minister John Penrose for its rarity and archaeological importance.

The find, which was unearthed last year, includes the house - dating back to when Britain was part of continental Europe - an 11,000 year-old tree trunk complete with bark, head-dresses and worked timbers.

Dr Nicky Milner, who went Hunmanby Hall School and grew up in Hunmanby Gap, worked on the site from 2004, and played a key role in the discovery.

She said she was delighted at the news.

She added: “It is great the national importance of Star Carr has been officially recognised.

“We are really looking forward to carrying out further excavations which will help us see how our ancestors lived, just after the end of the Ice Age.”