Borough ‘gaffe’ hits toilet project

Plans to build public toilets in the centre of Filey have suffered a setback following the discovery of a gas main at the expected site of the facility.

The news was revealed at the Filey Town Council meeting last Wednesday evening, and followed a ground examination at the site, adjacent to the Evron Centre.

The news was poorly received by members of the town council, with Cllr John Haxby calling it a “borough cock-up”.

And Cllr Kevin Wilkie added that his wife had found out about it before the council were made aware of it, adding that he felt it to be unacceptable that the council were clearly being kept in the dark over developments.

It was asked at the meeting how the pipe was not picked up beforehand.

However, County and Borough Councillor Mike Cockerill said that the maps used to carry out the initial surveys were not totally accurate, and only contained “near” estimates to the location of utilities.

Initially it was hoped that the toilets would be in use by the start of the busy summer season next year, and it’s unknown as to how this will impact the building of the facility.