Beach is swell after top result

FILEY’S golden sands are riding the crest of a wave after meeting the high quality national water mark.

Filey beach has topped the charts in the Environment Agency latest tests, which highlight its cleanliness and overall water quality.

The results showed Filey met the ‘guideline’ criteria, meaning it met at least 16 of 20 bathing water samples for the stricter Bathing Water Directive standards.

The town beat competition from Scarborough’s South Bay and Staithes, near Whitby, which failed to meet its high standards.

They were both classed in the ‘mandatory’ section.

Scarborough Council would not comment about individual results, and issued a statement from the Yorkshire Bathing Water Partnership.

It said: “We are delighted that all 20 of Yorkshire’s beaches have met the current European standards for bathing water, with 18 meeting guideline standards to secure the highest accreditation possible.

“Yorkshire deserves to have some of the best beaches in the world, and these results show that we are one step closer to achieving this.

“However, while we have much to be proud of, we recognise there’s much more work to be done, with bathing water standards due to become even more stringent by 2015.

“That is why we launched our unique multi-agency partnership last year, with the aim of improving the region’s beaches and creating some of the best in Europe.

“And while we are not quite there yet, we are working hard to realise this aim, with a huge amount of work and investment taking place across the region over the next four years.”

The classification is determined by the Environment Agency, which takes 20 water quality samples at each beach between May 15 and September 30.

The samples are analysed and experts assess the water for two groups of bacteria.

In the testing process, any beach classed as ‘mandatory’ means that at least 19 out of 20 samples have met the mandatory standard of cleanliness.

‘Fail’ means that fewer than 19 bathing water samples meet the required mandatory standard.

Scarborough’s North Bay and Whitby were also ‘guideline’ standard.