Chalets set for price increase

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FILEY’S historic seaside holiday chalets are set for a major hike in fees.

Scarborough Council’s tourism chiefs are due to rubberstamp the moves next week meaning yearly prices for new chalets could rocket to £725.

The increase will also hit original chalets, which may to rise to as much as £660 from its current £627 as the authority battles a cash chasm.

Weekly on-peak lettings are due to be given a new price ceiling of £116.25, with off-peak fees set to be confirmed at £43.40.

However, the authority has defended the decision and revealed its previous chalet pricing structure had undersold their worth.

Brian Bennett, the authority’s head of tourism and culture, said: “It is custom and practice to have an annual increase in fees and charges to offset inflationary costs of running the service.

“The beach chalets have extensive waiting lists for annual lets.

“This demonstrates over demand for the chalets, which indicates the current fees are below the market value, hence the increases.

“Some charges in recent years have been below the market rate and these have been increased as it is considered that this will not have an adverse on occupancy or uptake.”

Filey Brigg Caravan Park is also set for price increases with the maximum recommended fee for an peak time pitch now hitting £22.50.

Tent prices will now hit £17, and for the first time, dogs will be charged at £1 per night, with a £2 fee added for every additional person in a party above the standard two holidaymakers.

Mr Bennett added: “The previous pitch booking fees at Filey Brigg Caravan Park have not taken into account the number of persons or dogs using the pitch.

“However, all fees and charges have now been reviewed and increase to a level deemed reasonable with the aim of maximising potential income.

“The additional overall income generated from the proposed charges should cover the cost of inflation and the increase in VAT, allowing the council to achieve its targets in future financial years.”

The Evron Centre community rooms will also experience small price increases.

All rises will activate on April 1.