Despair as Tesco hits big milestone

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BUSINESS owners in Filey claim Tesco has “ruined the town” as the store celebrates its first year in the town.

Several owners have spoken out against the store, claiming that since it opened in November last year, business has dramatically declined, with one owner claiming to be earning around £10,000 a month less compared to last year’s takings.

However, shoppers are thrilled with the store.

Susan Ainsworth, from Scarborough Road, said: “I think that it’s brought quite a lot to Filey.

“It’s been beneficial in bringing in a lot of jobs and we did need better shopping facilities, although I don’t think local ones would agree.”

There was a completely different outlook from shopkeepers though, with many raising concerns over the long-term fortunes of smaller stores in the town.

Angela Cox has been working at All Seasons Filey greengrocers, in John Street, for the last 23 years, and has managed the store for eight years.

She admitted she uses Tesco “three or four times a year”, but believes people need to start supporting smaller businesses.

She said: “It’s definitely affected us.

“I mean, I’m not against them but you just wish that people would start supporting the little shops once more.

“I would happily accept it if the quality at Tesco was better than what we have, but we are far superior to them.

“People just need to remember that we, and a lot of other similar shops, are still here.”

Her feelings were echoed by an anonymous local businessman, whose store is situated in the shadow of the giant supermarket.

He believes shops in Filey simply “don’t have a chance”.

He said: “I was planning on retiring this year, but now I can’t even sell the shop. This was my pension.

“You couldn’t print what I really think about it.”

When asked what the impact of Tesco had been in the town, he simply pointed at the Somerfield store, which is set to close today with question marks still hanging over the future of the 18 staff who work there, although there has been no suggestions that the closure is as a direct result of Tesco opening its store in the town.

When the Mercury contacted Tesco, a spokesperson said the company were thrilled with the store’s success, saying: “We’ve had a great first year at the store. As with all our stores, we aim to bring great value to our customers, as demonstrated through initiatives such as our Big Price Drop. With the help of our Community Champion, we’ve worked hard to play an active part in the local area, and we are looking forward to serving this community for many years to come.”