KFC’s disabled access is a ‘finger lickin’ dud’

KFC disabled access issues. Pablo Rees couldn't access the Restaurant. pic Richard Ponter 144824a
KFC disabled access issues. Pablo Rees couldn't access the Restaurant. pic Richard Ponter 144824a

Like seemingly half of Scarborough, chicken lover Pablo Rees had his heart set on a KFC for tea on opening night.

But the disabled 49-year-old’s hopes of a Boneless Banquet were cruelly dashed – as he couldn’t get in the shop to order it.

Wheelchair-bound sportsman Pablo was left stranded in Huntriss Row, due to a lack of suitable disabled access, trying to eat before an awards bash.

“I’m fuming – chicken is my favourite food, so I was gutted when I had to go to McDonalds,” said Mr Rees, of Sandybed Crescent man, who was born with arthrogryposis. “To me this is complete discrimination against anyone who has a mobility impairment and should not been allowed to happen in the 21st Century.”

“Disabled people also have money to spend and should be treated equally and not like second class citizens.

“What has happened with KFC is a step backwards in 
society and a total disgrace.”

Now the Scarborough Disablement Action Group member has urged the finger lickin’ firm to carry out a quality impact assessment.

And his calls are being championed by self-confessed KFC fan and councillor Bill Chatt, who said that the access simply “wasn’t good enough”.

KFC has now apologised over the access issues, which has marred an otherwise impressive return to the town for the fast food chain.

Huge queues greeted the store’s opening last week, which came after over 5,000 people joined a Facebook campaign to bring the chicken shop to the coast.

And in a statement, the company says it is looking at trying to fix the access issue, and will place a temporary ramp on the store steps for the time being.

A spokesperson said: “We always try our best to cater for all of our customers’ needs and so we are sorry that our Scarborough restaurant was not immediately accessible to wheelchairs on its opening.

“We are working hard to have a permanent solution, in the meantime we shall be installing temporary ramps.”