Cash boost for quest to find cat death criminals

A REWARD to catch callous thugs who killed a cat in a heartless air rifle attack has increased.

Ruth Milner, of Sands Lane, in Hunmanby, was left devastated after one-year-old Paloma died after being shot with a pellet.

She was treated by vets and given a penicillin wash but later died.

Mrs Milner immediately offered a £100 reward to catch those responsible.

However, the offer now stands at £150 after resident Maureen Genders put forward the extra money to track down those responsible.

Mrs Milner, who runs a shop in the town, said she has received overwhelming support since the incident, with people passing on well wishes and hoping the culprits would be brought to justice.

She said: “I’ve had absolute deluges of people coming into the shop and phoning me up to say how sorry they are to hear what’s happened.

“I was so upset when it happened and people are just so appalled when they hear about it.

“I just don’t see the point of air rifles at all and I’m thinking about starting up a campaign against them.”

Mrs Milner said the impact of Paloma’s death has also been felt by her other cat, Vinnie, who has changed markedly since the death of his fellow feline companion.

She said: “He was always a little macho man and would come in for something to eat and bash up against Paloma and then go out again.

“But he seems lost at the moment, he doesn’t leave my side and always rushes to come and see me when I get home.”

Speaking immediately after Paloma’s death, Mrs Milner told the Mercury she worried other pet owners could fall victim to the same heartache she was suffering.

She added: “If someone is taking pot-shots at my cats then they are doing it to other people’s pet’s.

“Paloma was a gentle little thing and never drew her claws.

“I’ve always had cats and always two at a time so they can be company for one another.

Anyone who has information that could lead to the identification and possible conviction of those responsible for the death of Paloma should contact reporter Steven Hugill on (01723) 383829.

Alternatively you can email him at

He will pass on all relevant information.