Chalet work is needed

RE Margaret Christie's letter (Viewpoint, Mercury, October 11).

I agree it is time some remedial work was done to existing problems in Filey.

I have had a chalet on the Royal Parade since 1977, at first just for two weeks but now a yearly one, which I really enjoy, but can count on one hand how much maintenance has been done to them.

We don’t even get the curtains washed.

I used to like them when we had four different colours for them, but the last time they were painted it must have been a job lot – dark blue, to match the railings!

They really do look shabby.

I’m all for progress, but while I am on my high horse, please could something be done with those awful toilets on Royal Parade.

What happened to the money that was earmarked for refurbishment at least three years ago, including baby changing facilities.

They usually do it on the grass in front of my chalet, which I don’t mind in the least, it’s better that on the old cracked floor.

Mrs M Clark

Gardens Court