Checking the rules after Dustin’s win

Matt Conner
Matt Conner

America’s Dustin Johnson won the US Open last weekend, but it was not without controversy.

On the 12th hole a rules official approached Dustin telling him that he may or may not be penalised for his ball moving on a previous hole.

This was after the rules official and his playing partner both agreed that he did not cause the ball to move.

With this potential penalty looming he conducted himself well and finished off his round finishing on a five underpar total.

Later he was given a one shot penalty dropping the score to four underpar.

Fortunately he still managed to win the major championship.

Below I have explained two rules which are common when playing on the course.

It is worth knowing the correct procedures so that you do not suffer the same potential penalties.

1) Generally, when your ball is in play, if you accidentally cause it to move, or you lift it when not permitted, add a penalty stroke and replace your ball.

If someone other than you, your caddie, your partner or your partner’s caddie moves your ball at rest, or it is moved by another ball, replace your ball without penalty.

If a ball at rest is moved by wind or it moves of its own accord, play the ball as it lies without penalty.

2) On the putting green, you may:

l mark, lift and clean your ball(always replace it on the exact spot), and

l repair ball marks and old holeplugs, but not any other damage, such as spike marks.

When making a stroke on the putting green, you should ensure that the flagstick is removed or attended.

The flagstick may also be removed or attended when the ball lies off the putting green.

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