Council points to new signage

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PLANS to replace a damaged road sign on the A165 outside Filey have been passed.

The brown tourist sign, on the Muston Road roundabout, is expected to coast around £1,000.

The original brown sign was damaged in high winds, which left a panel missing.

Cllr Marion Wright told a meeting of Filey Town Council argued that the sign was a vital investment for the town.

She said: “It’s so easy to go past Filey when driving down the A165.

“Having the sign will attract people to the town, and it will help maintain tourism to the area, which as we all know, is a vital form of income to Filey.”

However, cllr John Haxby believed the sign was an outdated form of advertising, and felt the money could have been invested into a website.

He said: “I just don’t think that people just drive around looking for some place to go.

“At six pound a gallon, people don’t just hop in their car and look for somewhere new to visit.

“I think people know where Filey is and what’s in it.”