Council to back ice rink plans for Filey

The ice rink at McArthur Glen's York Designer Outlet Winter Wonderland.
The ice rink at McArthur Glen's York Designer Outlet Winter Wonderland.

A festive ice rink could be built in Filey, under new proposals to transform the town into a winter wonderland over the Christmas period.

Filey Town Council has received initial proposals for ice skating and fairground rides in Glen Gardens for up to six weeks this winter.

The authority has been approached by local company Fun Park Leisure Ltd to gain approval for the commercial venture, which was set to be discussed at the full council meeting last night.

If the plans are given the go-ahead, it would give a cash injection to Scarborough Council – and two senior councillors feel the plans would be a hit with residents.

“The plans are looking good, and I think it’s worth doing, at least for a year, to see if it’s a success,” said Scaroborugh councillor Mike Cockerill.

“I don’t see what harm it could do, and to me the main thing is that people enjoy it, and I’m sure they would.”

His comments were echoed by newly appointed Filey Town Mayor, Cllr John Shackleton, who said the plans were the “bee’s knees”.

“It’s going to be great for
Filey,” he said.

“It will pull people in from Scarborough and all the surrouding villages, and I think the full council will back it.”

The plans put before Filey Town Council are for an agreement ‘in principle’ for the 100ft by 40ft skating rink, to be installed for a four to six week period around Christmas.

There would also be small rides, games and a mini train ride, with the gardens possibly decorated with festive white lighting.

Cllr Shackleton said that the rink would have “real ice” – unlike a similar rink in Scarborough several years ago.

But, it is understood Scarborough Council are currently exploring similar plans for Scarborough town centre in the Christmas period, following the poorly-received Bavarian Christmas market last year.

However, there have been concerns surrounding the location of the planned rink and rides.

It’s thought that the ‘winter wonderland’ could cause damage to trees in Glen Gardens, so the authority are also considering an alternative venue.