Crime remains steady in area

25/3/09 Filey'Police vans outside Sight and Sound newsagents in Filey which was broken into ..'091330
25/3/09 Filey'Police vans outside Sight and Sound newsagents in Filey which was broken into ..'091330
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CRIME figures in Filey and Hunmanby have remained stable, according to the latest national statistics.

Figures revealed by the Home Office showed there were 57 incidents of crime and anti-social behaviour during March, a reduction from 59 cases in February.

The statistics pointed towards Mariners Terrace as having the highest number of cases per street, with two incidents of anti-social behaviour, one of vehicle crime and another unidentified incident.

The Avenue saw three counts of anti-social behaviour, with two further anti-social behaviour cases and a burglary recorded in the Queen’s Terrace area.

Hunmanby also saw a slight dip in figures, with 15 incidents reported to police during April.

The majority of those were again anti-social behaviour, with eight cases having taken place during the month.

The village also saw three incidents of violent crime and one burglary, with three further cases, noted as being either criminal damage, shoplifting or drug offences also appearing on the log.

Muston saw its total number of criminal incidents double to six during March with four anti-social behaviour cases and two of violent crime.

Reighton and Hunmanby Gap had three incidents each, with Speeton recording one anti-social behaviour incident and one violent crime.

Sgt Chris Gosling previously told the Mercury he was pleased with the decrease, which coincided with a 19 per cent drop in crime over the last year.

He added: The figures just go to show that the system we have is working and working well.

“Having extra staff we can deploy in other places is helping and we get a lot of community based intelligence which makes a big difference.”