Few arrests - but police praised

NORTH Yorkshire Police insist officers in Hunmanby are performing well, despite an official report stating over 95 per cent of thefts go unsolved.

The Safer Neighbourhoods police report shows that there have been 80 thefts reported in Hunmanby this year, which is an approximate 10 per cent rise on last year’s figure.

However, of these 80 reported thefts, there have been only three ‘Sanctioned Detections’ in the whole year.

The term essentially means that the police have detected the culprit, and are in a position to administer a form of punishment, be it a fixed penalty notice or a court summons.

The report also shows that 90 per cent of criminal damage reports and 75 per cent of burglaries all go unpunished.

However, police can take credit in the fact that just under half of all violent crimes result in a detection.

And all but two of crimes that do not fall in pre-set categories, such as anti-social behaviour, have resulted in a detection.

A spokesperson for North Yorkshire Police said that, despite the lack of detections, police in Filey and Hunmanby had been bucking regional trends, after crime in the ward fell 27.9 per cent, which dwarfs the force average of 6.2 per cent.

The spokesperson also pointed out that 32 of the crimes reported occurred at the Primrose Valley and Reighton Sands Holiday Parks, adding: “The majority of these were lost or stolen mobile phones in bars or elsewhere on the sites.

“The issues with these types of crime are firstly they are difficult to substantiate as crimes as opposed to lost property, however are recorded nevertheless.

“Secondly they are often reported the following day which diminishes the possibility of detection.

“The other issue that we have had on the Hertford ward earlier in the year was a spate of thefts of hanging baskets and garden ornaments.

“These were mostly in rural locations where again information about suspects is limited.