Hunmanby crime on decrease again

CRIME in Hunmanby has continued to fall, according to new figures released by North Yorkshire Police.

In the period between April 2011 and January this year, crime in the village dropped by approximately 27 per cent compared to the same period the previous year.

The most substantial decline was with incidents of criminal damage. The number of cases were reduced by almost two thirds, falling from 55 in 2010/2011 to only 20 in the same period this year.

There were only four burglaries at properties in Hunmanby this year, compared to five the previous year.

Burglaries at non-dwellings reduced greatly too, falling from 29 to only 12 this year.

In December, despite properties being packed with expensive goods due to Christmas, there were no burglaries in Hunmanby.

Violent crimes has also seen a reduction, with ten fewer incidents this year compared to last, with 32 incidents reported to the police between April and January.

However, theft in Hunmanby continues to rise. It makes up half of all crime reported in Hunmanby this year, with 80 incidents.

This is compared to two cases this previous year. However, there were only four reported thefts in December.

These figures also still include the holiday camps at Primrose Valley and Reighton, which inflate the figures, especially theft.

Hunmanby Parish Council have long campaigned to have the holiday camps removed from the figures.

However, at the parish council meeting on Wednesday, PCSO Tony Bate confirmed that the camps were still included.

For more detailed information of crimes, please visit and input your postcode.

Also, the non-emergency number has been replaced. The old 0845 6060247 has been replaced by 101.

All calls cost 15p, regardless of length.