Police vow on crime increase

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CRIME figures in Filey have risen during the last year – but police have vowed to crackdown on offenders.

New figures have revealed 364 incidents took place in the town between April 1 2010 and February 2011.

The numbers represent a leap of 164 crimes from the 250 that were recorded in the previous year.

However, police chiefs have confirmed they wholeheartedly remain committed to tackling crime and that budget cuts will not affect front line policing numbers in the town.

The details were revealed in a report to Filey Town Council and showed police were called to 137 incidents of theft – a hike of 71 from last year – 117 reports of criminal damage and 33 burglary offences.

Police also had to deal with 54 violent offences in the same period.

Last week The Mercury reported Filey’s monthly crime and anti-social behaviour figures were now publicly available on a Home Office website, and police have now provided further details of offences which took place in January.

High profile incidents in Filey included the £9,000 damage at St Oswald’s Church after a number of stained glass windows were smashed, and the theft of 43 car badges in the town.

A report from PC Liz Duke revealed £700 of damage was caused to Christmas lights in The Crescent.

A television was also stolen from a property in Welford Road, with items from five caravans at Lowfield Caravan Park taken and strewn across the nearby railway line.

Thieves also took fence tops from a home in Pasture Crescent and a cooker from outside a Clarence Drive property, with numerous reports of vandals smashing wing mirrors and lights on vehicles across the town.

Police arrested two motorists on drink driving offences and seized a vehicle in Muston Road as the owner had no insurance.

However, despite the increase Insp Leo Suret said the force maintained their commitment to cutting crime and cited the car badge thefts as a major factor in the figure hike.

He said: “The majority of the increase is thefts from cars and in particular car badges and aerials.

“The problem for us is that the impact of these is significant when they occur in a low crime area like Filey.

“When someone commits 43 crimes like the badges that is obviously going to have an effect.

“We have arrested those people and they have been charged and it is going through the court procedure.

“It is that mindless sort of crime that nobody at all benefits from that has affected the figures but we are always committed to reducing crime.”

PC Duke praised local residents for their help in catching offenders and reiterated the force’s ongoing appeal for assistance.

She added: “North Yorkshire Police carry out intelligence led policing to provide an effective and efficient service.

“We could not succeed in this without the information provided to us by the public and local communities.

“There are many ways that people can pass on information, including face to face contact with officers, at meetings, at schools or through Crimestoppers.

“This is an opportunity for members of the public to directly contribute in making their community a safer place and has enabled officers to arrest offenders and detect the crimes.”