Speeding campaign intensifies

MOTORISTS across Filey and Hunmanby have been alerted to more police camera speed locations in the area.

North Yorkshire Police will again be patrolling the A1039 Filey Road in Flixton and the A165 Reighton bypass between Sands Road and Hunmanby Road this week.

The camera, situated in a grey van marked with speed camera signs, will be monitoring the two areas, as well as a number in the Scarborough area, until Tuesday, August 30.

The warning comes after police last week revealed more than 1,800 motorists across the region had been stopped for driving offences.

Police have also dished out nearly 400 fixed penalty notices as they increase their focus on speeding drivers.

Insp Dave Brown Head of Strategic Roads Policing Group for North Yorkshire Police, reiterated the message that speed will not be tolerated on the area’s roads.

He added: “If you speed you are more likely to be caught than ever before.

“Speeding is unacceptable and if drivers choose to ignore the law they will be punished.”