Two stolen Lamborghini cars worth £500,000 found in police raid at Yorkshire garage

Leeds Crown Court
Leeds Crown Court

Police discovered two stolen Lamborghini's worth over half a million pounds being dismantled when they raided a garage in West Yorkshire

Paul Bailey was caught red-handed as he stripped the luxury high-powered vehicles at the premises in Sowerby Bridge.

Leeds Crown Court heard Bailey, a car sprayer by trade, was being paid just £60 a day to do the work on behalf of "professional criminals".

Ian Cook, prosecuting, said the cars had been available to hire and were fitted with trackers for insurance purposes.

An investigation was launched when concerns were raised over the whereabouts of the vehicles.

Mr Cook said it was discovered that a tracker had been removed from one of the vehicles and the signal from the tracker on the other was faint.

Checks showed that the vehicles had previously been in the Halifax and Bradford areas.

The insurance company investigation later traced the signal from one of the cars to the Sowerby Bridge area.

An investigator went to the area and contacted police after tracing a signal to a garage premises.

Officers went to the garage where Bailey answered the door.

Mr Cook said: "Both Lamborghinis were being broken down in to parts. Both had devices attached to them."

The total value of the cars was £535,000.

Bailey, of Parkwood Road, Huddersfield, was arrested and gave a statement saying he was a car sprayer who was sometimes asked to strip cars.

He pleaded guilty to two offences of handling stolen goods.

James Gelsthorpe, mitigating, said Bailey had a land-standing heroin addiction and agreed to carry out the work after being contacted by other criminals.

Mr Gelsthorpe said he was paid £60 which he used to fund his addiction and realised the cars must have been stolen when he saw them.

The barrister said Bailey had been picked up in Dewsbury and taken to the premises to do the work.

He urged Judge Christopher Batty to consider imposing a suspended prison sentence, adding: "For handling half a million pounds worth of Lamborghinis, the writing would seem to be on the wall. I am sure you honour will be considering a custodial sentence."

Bailey was given an 18-month sentence, suspended for two years. He was also ordered to do 200 hours of unpaid work.