Despair on road speed proposals

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RESIDENTS in Hunmanby face being driven to despair after huge cutbacks on road safety spending, according to one worried councillor.

Cllr Nick Harvey has warned traffic control in the village could be hit by a delay in a full review by Government bosses.

Cllr Harvey said the enforced wait would bring a “piecemeal” approach to road safety, with any future changes hitting taxpayers in the pocket.

He added the delays could see the introduction of just one speed limit on Hall Park Road in the coming months.

He said: “I have been having concerns raised about traffic speed and the difficulty of police officers monitoring speeding vehicles when the country lanes go from unrestricted, straight to 30mph and many of these signs are so close to the village.

“The current position of speed limit signs does little to encourage traffic approaching Hunmanby to slow down.

“Several people have highlighted how the position of some of our speed limit signs in Hunmanby have not taken account new developments, like the industrial estate, Hunmanby Hall, Hunmanby Playing Fields Association and the building of the Reighton Bypass.

“While there is no limit on vehicles using our main roads, it would improve the quality of life for local people and the life of some of our older chalk built buildings if traffic speeds were reduced.

“Having managed to get the National Wolds Cycle Trail routed through Hunmanby, which will be launched this summer, making our roads safer for local people, walkers and cyclists would have been great.”

Cllr Harvey said he had received advice from North Yorkshire Highways bosses last year who said it was as cheap to apply for one alteration of the speed limit sign in Hunmanby as several.

He added officers were very helpful and suggested adding a 40mph buffer around the 30mph zones would also help reduce speed and give police officers more scope for checking for excessive speed.

Cllr Harvey also put forward a number of potential changes for improving road speeds around Hunmanby, including putting a 40mph sign on Malton Road at Windmill Farm and another 40mph sign on Filey Road by Primrose Valley, with the 30mph warning switched to the same location as the Hunmanby village sign.

Cllr Harvey has called for a 40mph sign to start at the Hunmanby Gap roundabout for the Sheepdyke Lane and Sands Lane area, with a 30mph restriction at the junction of the two roads.

He also suggested a 40mph sign for Bridlington Road at Graffitoe Farm, with a 30mph restriction moved to the entrance to the industrial estate and a 30mph zone for New Road, Bartindale Road and Hall Park Road.