Dining Out: The Pack Horse, Bridlington

The Pack Horse, Bridlington
The Pack Horse, Bridlington

What could possibly be more quintessentially British than a day by the seaside?

A day by the seaside, followed by a superb pub supper in Bridlington’s Old Town – that’s what!

The Pack Horse is a newly refurbished pub that has gained huge traction with loyal locals since it re-opened earlier this year under new management.

Situated in the heart of Bridlington’s Historic Old Town, the pub offers a superb range of classics and, of course, a tempting selection of chef’s specials.

The pub’s refurbishment has been nothing short of a complete success.

It has gained a steady footing on the same platform other modern, contemporary establishments that, at the same time, stay true to their roots with traditional furniture and other surroundings.

Staff at the Pack Horse are always friendly and welcoming –even at peak times.

We arrived on a Sunday evening - unsure that we would be able to get a table without having pre-booked.

But the bartender said he could squeeze us is before the 8pm rish, so we set about deciding what to order a little more quickly than usual.

Pub menus rarely divert from a selection of universal favourites, and the Pack Horse was no exception.

While it offered plenty of luring specials (I was particularly drawn in by the crab salad), I chose instead to opt for a ribeye steak, and my partner picked the mushroom stroganoff.

We were asked what drink we would like, and I was impressed upon finding out they served Theakston’s Old Peculiar. In fact, there’s always an impressive array of beers to choose from at the Pack Horse, and they can even boast Bridlington’s only microbrewery, and serve their unique creations to boot.

Our mains arrived and I was pleased with the presentation. However - and this is my only gripe - my steak had been cooked medium to well done, when I had asked for it to be rare.

But this didn’t detract from the overall quality of the dish as a whole, which I was very impressed by.

The steak was tender and suitably sized and were complimented by what could very well be some of the greatest mushrooms I’ve ever tasted.

I tried some of my partner’s mushroom stroganoff and, while she enjoyed it, I doubt I would have been able to eat the entire serving.

The sauce was incredibly rich with brandy - a little too rich for my personal taste. But the rice was cooked to perfection and was light and fluffy, so balanced the flavours out nicely.

We didn’t really get a chance to consider desert.

Conscious of the impending influx of further diners - we decided to head off.

We did leave satisfied, however. I was impressed with the quality of the food on offer at the Pack Horse and would certainly return for another meal.

While the likes of Raffles and the Lamp already make up colourful sortie of restaurants in Bridlington’s Old Town, the Pack Horse will serve as a fine addition to these.

If you are planning a day out in Bridlington, I would highly recommend the Pack Horse.