Disgusting state of Scarborough's streets

Gull mess on Huntriss Row.
Gull mess on Huntriss Row.

What has happened to the once lovely seaside town of Scarborough?

It stinks, the pavements, buildings and seats are disgustingly dirty. You are afraid to walk down the streets in broad daylight for fear of being attacked or filfth dropped on you

No, I am not talking about the actions of disrespectful kids or yobs, I’m talking about the sea gulls.

It is beyond disgusting, they are ruining our town. We are well travelled and don’t know anywhere else that has this problem. We know people who no longer take holidays here because of this.

Come on Scarborough Council there will shortly be on great sea gulls’ next where there was once a great seaside town.


L Beardsley

Eastway, Scarborough