Documentary seeks men to talk about their bodies


Documentary makers want to hear from men on how they feel about their bodies.

Parable TV are making a new documentary for BBC3 that will lift the lid on how men really feel about their bodies.

A spokesperson said: "If social media and shows like Love Island have taught us anything it's that worrying about your body shape is not just something girls do.

"We at Parable want to hear from men about how they feel about their bodies.

"Men - do you feel pressure to conform to an ideal ? Perhaps you are down at the gym nearly every day to stay in shape ? Or you're accepting and proud of your body even if it's not exactly perfect ?

"Whether you're muscular, slim or something inbetween we want to hear from you for a new BBC3 documentary about the male physique."

If you are aged 18-34 and would like more details email or call 0203 9069023.