Dry and mild with patchy rain

The weather forecast with Trevor Appleton.
The weather forecast with Trevor Appleton.

This week the weather will be drier and milder before becoming much colder.

Further ahead there is likely to be frost and isolated wintry showers towards the east of the county.

Monday 23 October: Cloudy with patchy rain late morning through to early afternoon then drier and brighter. Dry and clear overnight.

Tuesday 24 October: Cloud and rain soon arriving, heavy at times.

Wednesday 25 October: Dry with bright or sunny spells. Sunniest across North Yorkshire. Mild.

Thursday 26 October: Mainly cloudy but dry and mild.

Friday 27 October: Colder but brighter with sunny spells.

Saturday 28 October and Sunday 29 October: Dry with sunny spells.