This lot have the ‘write’ stuff!

Filey School young writers
Filey School young writers

Most aspiring writers struggle for years to get their work published, and many never do.

But a talented group of budding wordsmiths at Filey School have already had their work put into print – before they had even started their GCSEs.

Last year, a group of junior writers from Year Nine took part in a writing festival organised by the national 
organisation Young Writers.

The project required each pupil to pen a short story of no more than 100 words.

However, despite the limited amount of space they had to work with, each tale had to have a “twist in the tail”.

Under the guidance of their English teacher Mr Cooper, 28 students created some “fantastic and very imaginative” stories.

And half of the group made the final cut, with their work being published in a compilation book featuring the best entries from around the country.

The book is now available for proud parents to pick up, and a spokesperson for the school said: “Our students did incredibly well.”

Now, the competition has been relaunched with a different focus – poetry.

And the spokesperson added: “We hope that more students will enter and become celebrated young writers.”