Enjoy an idyllic stroll

The Hayburn Wyke Hotel, the starting point of the walk and a great place for refreshment after the two and a half mile stroll.
The Hayburn Wyke Hotel, the starting point of the walk and a great place for refreshment after the two and a half mile stroll.

This lovely, short walk is both interesting and varied. Although the first mile is level and direct, the return route via woodland and stream-side may prove tricky after rainfall, or to anyone unsteady on their feet, with some steep sections to negotiate.

Just pick dry weather, and strong footwear to enjoy your day out.

The walk around Hayburn Wyke.

The walk around Hayburn Wyke.

Access to the start is by private transport or bus service number 115 to Hayburn Wyke, north of Scarborough.

From the main road, turn right by the Hayburn Wyke sign, and negotiating sharp bends, descend to the haven of a site for refreshment at the Hayburn Wyke Hotel.

Your route starts from the hotel’s car park, when you’ve decided when to dine – before or after the walk?

Leaving the hotel, return up the drive you descended, but only as far as the disused rail-track, running roughly east and west of the driveway.

Where hedging ends to your right, leave the drive and veer right along the old, dismantled railway line.

Almost immediately you’ll observe the old station platform to your left, now smothered in foliage, with the station’s fencing behind.

Follow the tree-lined railway track for a mile or so of good, level terrain, with glimpses of fields and blue sea to the right.

Pass beneath a bridge, and continue to a second bridge with a couple of seats nearby. From this point the scene changes, as you ascend steps to the left of the bridge.

At the top is a lane. Turn briefly right, and you’ll discover an inscription on the right verge which reads: “The Old Station and Station Cottage.” The station cottage is now a private residence, seen ahead.

Next, turn left along the lane, which still bears a sign in the hedgerow to the Shire Horse Farm. Follow this hedged country lane, passing the attractive property of Lowfield. Another sign indicates Lowfield Log Cabins.

On the warning bend is Whitestone, and to your left features Burnside, before a steep 10% descent shaded by trees.

As you cross the stone bridge over the stream, you may wish to halt for a photograph.

What a charming scene, as the stream meanders through enchanting woodland.

From the bridge, ascend to meet a cross-lane and grassed verge.

Seek on the right a bridleway sign and follow its direction along a private road through an open gateway to Red House Farm.

The shady walk opens into meadowland. Sheep graze the field beyond left hedging of honeysuckle etc.

A little isolated chalet concealed to your left is painted green and cream.

Descend beneath trees, and immediately the lane rises, observe a bridleway sign on your right. Leave the lane to continue on the bridleway which narrows through woodland.

A post shows your blue bridleway route down hill.

Follow a good footpath alongside the rippling stream to your right.

A steep, tree-clad hill is to the left, as you negotiate a few steps to maintain your path by the water’s edge.

Eventually, climb about 19 steps away from the stream and go right to keep heading downstream. At a post bearing a yellow arrow, veer right over a wooden railed footbridge.

Ascend the bank to your right and bear right up about a dozen steps to leave the National Trust wood by a hand gate. Cross a field on a stony footpath and swing left to pass an oak tree on a grassy footpath. A metal gate leads to Hayburn Wyke Hotel and its car park.

Enjoy welcome refreshment in idyllic surroundings.

Walk details

l Distance: Approximately 2.5 miles.

l Allow: Up to two hours leisurely walking and observing.

l Refreshment: The Hayburn Wyke Hotel.

l Map: Ordnance Survey OL27 Explorer Map, North York Moors, Eastern Area. Scale: 2.5 inches to one mile.

l Transport: 115 service bus.

l Strong footwear recommended.