Concern over state of roadside tree care

A HUNMANBY councillor has called for greater action to save trees on a busy road.

Cllr Nick Harvey, Green Party representative for the Hertford Ward, spoke out after a number of trees on the Osgodby bypass began rotting and dying.

He said: “I was contacted by a resident who was assured by the council the guards on the trees would be removed prior to the holiday season.

“With no action being taken the resident contacted me and I inspected the trees and could see rot forming, trunks being cut into, some have died. Several have fallen over pulling the saplings with them.

“I have now requested the council look into the environmental works to find out why it is not being looked after properly.

“You cannot just plant trees and bushes with tree guards and leave them.

“I have worked as a conservation volunteer and know trees and bushes need to be looked after in their early years, to be thinned and with tree guards and stakes removed.”