Developer blow on proposals at The Bay

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PLANS to build two new holiday properties at The Bay holiday village are set to be turned down.

Developers Essential Vivendi had submitted proposals to put two detached homes on the Copse area of the former Butlins site.

The properties, including four bedrooms, were designed to replace four terraced units originally earmarked for the area and would have reduced the number of buildings in this part of the development from 31 to 29.

However, Scarborough Council planning officials have recommended the refusal of the application on the grounds that the homes will detract from the area’s character and provide a “visually intrusive” appearance.

A report from Scarborough Council’s planning manager Jill Low said: “The detached units were omitted from an earlier application because of concerns over their impact and that application was only approved following the addition of significant landscaping.

“Their proposed reinstatement compounds the concerns previously expressed and appears an ad hoc amendment of suburban scale and character with little regard to surrounding context, scale and character of adjacent development.

“The proposals do not add or enhance the character of The Bay and are felt to be contrary to the design policies which have controlled the quality of the development within The Bay.

“The units will be prominent from the north western entrance of the site and visually intrusive from the A165.

“This style of repetitive development is more akin to conventional suburban residential estates rather than the much more attractive and varied ‘traditional’ village character which has been a feature of much of the development of The Bay to date.”

However, despite the setback the company have unveiled proposals for four detached three-bedroom properties on the site.

The plans have been submitted by architects Barton Wilmore who said they would ultimately benefit Filey’s tourist industry.

A statement said: “The development will enhance accommodation for visitors to the area and support local tourism.

“It has been designed to maximise sales in the current difficult economic environment by responding to customer demand.

“The proposal will help sustain the further development of the The Bay and the holiday industry.”

The proposals follow the creation of new leisure facilities - and 15 jobs - on the site which are expected to open later this year.

A decision is expected later this month.