Group to tackle problem park

AMBITIOUS plans to clean up a popular park have been proposed to Hunmanby Council.

A group of volunteers are looking into forming a ‘Friends of Bowling Green Park’ group to help combat the parks ongoing issues with vandalism and graffiti.

The group are planning to hold an event on October 29, which is National Make-A-Difference day, and will see volunteers help clean the park up.

They have also enjoyed the backing of Scarborough Council’s Community Environment Officer Roger Burnett, who has promised to assist the group in their efforts to improve the park.

He said: “We are hoping that people can come and lend a hand, and clean the park up, as I think everyone in the village wants it to work.

“It’s just a few small minded people in Hunmanby who are ruining it for everyone, but if we engage with them, and make them realise that it’s something that they can take some pride in, then we can make it work.”

Mr Burnett has advised the group that although plans to form a ‘Friends of Bowling Green Park’ group may . He has also advised the group to open a bank account in order to enable them to apply for grants to help cover the cost of the refurbishment.

A meeting with the Parish Council is next on the agenda, and Mr Burnett hopes the group will be set up by Christmas.