Planners refused decision

FURIOUS Filey Town Council planning officials refused to sanction the development at a meeting this week.

The council’s planning committee met on Monday evening and denounced the proposals as “bad news” for the town.

Members were left extremely concerned by the nature of a Yorkshire Water feasibility report which stated a new sewer in the development would be able to cope with 250 litres of water a second without scouring Filey beach.

Cllr David Murton, chairman of the council’s planning committee, summed up their frustration over the feasibility report and fears of the impact of the development.

He added: “We would have liked more time and a lot more detail.

“I’m sorry, but we at a local level have always come up with the right answers and told them they are wrong yet they do not listen.

“We are not here to protect affordable homes but to encompass the views of the people in the town and make sure it is right for the town.”

Cllr John Shackleton told the meeting: “I’m not happy with the report one bit and there is no evidence that it is going to stop any further flooding in Filey - it is just a statement of what they are wishing to do.”

Cllr Richard Walker concurred and wanted more details of the drainage proposals.

He said: “We have to make sure that we get as much information as we possibly can and I too am not happy with it at all.”

Cllr Kerry Burton said he feared the proposals could bring hauntingly similar - and equally devastating - consequences that were apparent in the 2002 and 2007 floods.

He added: “I just see this as bad news, I have no confidence in it whatsoever and I just get the image that it could be a re-run of the previous floods.”

Cllr Julie Viles was unequivocal in her opinion of the development and believed the sewage situation in Martin’s Ravine was already bad enough.

She said: “The stink from the sewer is absolutely disgusting, if they cannot sort that then I just despair.”

Cllr Sue Bosomworth also asked the meeting if there was another option other than sending water out through Martins Ravine.

She added if there was no contingency plan then she had grave concerns over its stability.