Turbine proposal back on the radar

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A CONTENTIOUS wind farm on the outskirts of Hunmanby is set to come under the microscope again.

Bosses from Banks Renewables will meet with residents on Thursday to thrash out more details on the proposed South Dale development.

The meeting, in the village’s Methodist Church, will focus further upon the controversial proposals which could see a maximum of 14 wind turbines built on the south-east of the village.

The community consultation event - which will be chaired by an independent adjudicator - follows a fiery meeting in July in Hunmanby Playing Fields Association.

On the evening, around 40 agitated residents furiously grilled officials, demanding answers on the long-term effects of the turbines on the village amid fears of aesthetic and noise pollution.

However, despite the negative attitude prevalent on the evening, Phil Dyke, development director for Banks Renewables, said they were buoyed by the response to the consultation and hoped to extend the relationship to a greater extent.

He said: “There is clearly room for more local residents and community representatives to get involved, whatever their views of the South Dale scheme, and we hope that they will do so over the coming months.

“Having the meetings chaired by an independent facilitator means participants can express their views without feeling that they will be prevented from speaking.

“This also helps to ensure that proceedings don’t stray off the agreed agenda.”

“The community panel will provide a valuable forum for discussing the key issues surrounding our proposals, and the greater degree of local representation that we get, the more effective they will become.”

The company added anyone interested in attending the meeting must book a place owing to space limitations.

Contact Rachel Dowson on 0844 264 4508 to reserve a place.

Alternatively, email Banks Renewbles at southdale@banksgroup.co.uk for further details.