Ex-chairman of council resigns

Cllr Eddie Flory
Cllr Eddie Flory

The former chairman of Hunmanby Parish Council has resigned his position after over 30 years of service.

Cllr Eddie Flory tendered his resignation via a letter to Hunmanby, Council, which was read out at the council meeting on Wednesday night.

He stated in the letter that he has stepped down from his position on the advice of doctors following an operation last week. He also wishes to spend more time with his family.

However, 75-year-old Mr Flory insists that although he will no longer serve as a councillor, he still hopes to have an involvement with the council.

He said: “I’ve very much enjoyed my time on the council, but when a doctor tells you that you need to slow down, you listen.

“I’m disappointed that I’ve had to step down, and although I won’t be attending as a councillor, I still plan to attend the meetings.”

Mr Flory was believed to have been the second longest serving member of Hunmanby Council after Cllr Glynn Brown, and along with Mr Brown, was one of only two elected members of the council, with all other members being co-opted.

He has been at the heart of many of the major developments in the village over the past four decades, and has recently been a staunch campaigner against the borough councils bus cuts.

Fellow councillors have now paid tribute to Mr Flory, who was described as the “Lifeblood” of the council.

Hunmanby Council vice-chairman Cllr Phillip Todd described the loss of Mr Flory from the council as “the end of an era”, and stated that he would forever be synonymous with the council.

Cllr Todd said: “On a personal level I’m absolutely devastated. Eddie is a fantastic councillor, who was always the first person to raise his hand to volunteer with any projects that the council had.

“It’s just a massive loss to the council, and we had a great report, and I can’t say enough good things about him.

“He’s a first class person who the village don’t know just how much they are going to miss him.”

Fellow councillor Liz Mullin said: “You get some councillors who get elected and feel like all they have to do is turn up and be quiet, but Eddie’s never been like that.

“He’s always been passionate about the council and always worked hard for us.

Mr Flory is regarded amongst piers as a “fiery” character, and Hunmanby Council meetings have often featured heated exchanges between himself and Cllr Mullin. Cllr Mullin stated that although she has felt like “clobbering him around the head” at times, she admits he will be a “massive loss for Hunmanby”.

She said: “Eddie has been serving on the council for years, and it will be really hard to find someone anywhere near as good as him.”

At the meeting on Wednesday, it was agreed that the group would make a special effort to honour Mr Flory for his “commitment and dedication” to the council. A motion to set aside £30 for a parting gift was initially proposed before it was raised to £70, and the council will make a presentation to Mr Flory at next months meeting.

A replacement for Mr Flory is expected to be announced in the up coming weeks.