Failed bid angers councillor

A Filey councillor has hit out after claiming that Filey’s youth has “not been given the support it deserves” by Scarborough Council.

Borough councillor Colin Haddington spoke out against the authority following his unsuccessful bid for £12,000 to build a scooter park for teenagers in Filey.

He submitted the bid for capital funding to Scarborough Council, but after coming up short, he said the bid ‘didn’t get the support it deserved’.

He added: “I am extremely disappointed.

“I had been contacted by a number of young people in Filey asking me when Filey was going to get a skate park similar to the one in Scarborough, it was obvious to me that skate board use in Filey was not very popular but a lot of young people were using scooters.

“I contacted a number of companies, identified two prospective sites and then submitted the bid but as usual Filey was obviously not at the top of the funding agenda.”