Family tells of UFOs chase

FILEY UFO investigator Russ Kellett has organised a sky-watch event following a number of unusual sightings in the local area.

Last Monday July 19, a bright object – possibly a piece of space debris – was seen crossing Filey Bay.

George Nash, of Flat Cliffs, said he saw a ball of red and orange with a white core and feathery tail travelling from south to north before disappearing over the Brigg.

He then saw another one travelling south-west to north-east. "I thought 'this is it'," he said. "It was quite unique - I've never seen anything like it."

Mr Kellett was told of two other sightings last Saturday. At about 9pm, a man, a woman and two children were travelling in a car in Burniston when they saw about five balls of light which appeared to be chasing each other.

Mr Kellett said: "The witness said it was coming towards them and then veered off out to sea, under the clouds. There were five lights, maybe more, and the kids were screaming 'are they going to get us?'"

About an hour later a woman who was visiting Scarborough was outside with another hotel guest when they both saw an orange and red light high up in the sky.

They both thought it must have been an aircraft at first but when it made no sound they realised it must be something else. The object's lights then went off and the flat dark disk then moved across the sky and out to sea.